The Yorkshire Post says: Alcohol clampdown at airports – safety comes first on all transport

Alcohol sales are set to be restricted at airports.
Alcohol sales are set to be restricted at airports.
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PLANS to review the sale of alcohol at airports will be certainly be welcomed by all those travellers whose flights have been disrupted by inebriated passengers whose vulgar behaviour has, on occasion, turned violent and put public safety in danger.

Yet the Government’s proposed solution – restricting the sale of beer, wine and spirits until after 10am each day to bring airports in line with high street licensing laws – is only half a remedy. It won’t deter those, like revellers enjoying hen parties or stag weekends, consuming vast amounts of alcohol before they actually check in at the airport.

And, given the increase in violent behaviour on the rail network, there’s a case for extending the belated Home Office review to include trains as well. This isn’t about deterring people from having fun – it’s about making it easier to take action against the moronic minority whose unruly behaviour can invariably be to the detriment of other passengers. Safety must come first at all times.