The Yorkshire Post says: Fly-tipping shame – Yorkshire woods at risk from dumped rubbish

What can be done against fly-tipping?
What can be done against fly-tipping?
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WOODLANDS are one of our most cherished natural resources, havens for wildlife and beloved of those who visit them.

But there is one category of visitors who are not welcome.

They are the fly-tippers who despoil woods with rubbish.

It is depressing that the Woodland Trust charity has been forced to spend £1.1m over the last five years clearing up after these menaces, instead of being able to devote the money to the protection and enhancement of the areas affected.

Illegal tipping is not only a nuisance, but harmful to the environment wherever it occurs, but it is especially damaging in a sensitive area like a wood.

It is incumbent on everyone to remain vigilant against fly-tipping and report it wherever it 

Equally laws against 
those who feel the need to destroy our natural resources due to their own ignorance should be tightened up.