The Yorkshire Post says: Media must give prominence to climate change

Is there a link between climate change and flooding?
Is there a link between climate change and flooding?
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From: Dave Roberts, Ontario Road, Scunthorpe.

I WAS pleased to see that you gave front page prominence to the “runaway climate change” article (The Yorkshire Post, August 7).

However, the following excerpt is a gross understatement, especially as it affects our region – “sea levels up to 60 metres (197 ft) higher than they are today threatening coastal cities”.

Sea levels that high would completely submerge my town of Scunthorpe, move the coastline right inland as far as Doncaster and clearly threaten all our cities on rivers, such as York and Leeds.

The major obstacles to dealing with the problem are the lack of awareness of how serious the threat could be, and the lack of a sense in about half our population that our planet is warming and that thisis caused by human activity.

So I believe it behoves all the media, including your paper, to give this subject much more prominence. I am certain that the report on which this article was based has much more content. May I suggest you publish a series on the issue?

Tackling the problem will clearly require the Government to take much more radical policies such as banning fossil fuel developments and giving the Environment Agency (or some replacement body) much much more resource and clout.