The Yorkshire Post says: Playing for time like Brexit – social care strategy delayed again

The Government continues to delay its Green Paper on social care.
The Government continues to delay its Green Paper on social care.
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BREXIT is not the only difficult issue where MPs are trying to put off the day of reckoning for as long as possible. The same is equally true of social care.

Even though this sector’s financial position is perilous, there is still no sign of the Green Paper that the Government repeatedly promised to publish by last Autumn at the latest.

Yet the situation is critical as Care England, and its supporters, launches another campaign calling on how Ministers to explain how they intend to protect and guarantee beds for those in need. With local government funding unable to match the health needs – and demands – of an ageing society, further delay and dither by the Government will only make it harder to come up with a viable framework for the future.

However this is not just a problem for Theresa May who did, inadvertently or otherwise, try to address the issue in her ill-fated 2017 general election manifesto.

This issue transcends party political boundaries and the only hope is that MPs do, in fact, learn lessons from the mishandling of Brexit negotiations and attempt to move forward on a cross-party basis.

Hoping for the best – and waiting for Ministers to relax the rules on council tax increases as a short-term fix – is not a sustainable solution. It simply causes uncertainty at a time when care providers are demanding clarity over funding.

Like Brexit, MPs can only kick the proverbial can down the road for so long and it is now time that they faced up to social care’s age-old question – who foots the bill? Not to do so would, frankly, be just as irresponsible as the current mishandling of Brexit.