The Yorkshire Post says: The Brontë magic. Sisters have enduring appeal

The Brotne sisters remain synonymous with Yorkshire.
The Brotne sisters remain synonymous with Yorkshire.
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IT WOULD have seemed astonishing to the Brontë sisters, in their quiet and secluded lives, that long after their deaths they should inspire such love and devotion from legions of admirers.

Yet it is a cause for rejoicing that not only do they continue to do so, but that their appeal is growing. More visitors than ever flock to Haworth to explore their heritage and the countryside that inspired them, and membership of the Brontë Society is increasing.

That should be celebrated as it marks its 125th anniversary. Its history has not always been harmonious, but happily that belongs to the past and it can look forward with optimism.

The magic of Emily, Charlotte and Anne endures. Their spirit makes their books timeless and draws visitors to the parsonage where they lived. The crowds will continue to grow, because these daughters of Haworth touched the hearts of the world.