The Yorkshire Post says: The words that have become lost in time...

The book, The Lost Words
The book, The Lost Words
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THE news that many youngsters no longer experience the traditional pleasures of playing conkers or picking blackberries – or would even recognise a bramble bush – is a sad reminder of the passage of time and the lure of newer, more sedentary activities.

That it has taken a Rotary Club to distribute books to every primary school in Doncaster, in order to let the children know what they’re missing, is an indication of how pervasive the trend has become.

Outdoor pursuits were the stuff of Ladybird books, of the boy scouts and girl guides. But they spoke a different language to that used by young people today.

Many of the words that fell from the lips of previous generations have been expunged from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, to be replaced by terms like internet and chat room.

The initiative in Doncaster is a welcome example of one generation passing on its knowledge, as a group, to the next. Let us hope they have not left it too late.