The Yorkshire Post says: Turner prize as famous landscapes return to Yorkshire

JMW Turner's work  Peace - Burial at Sea
JMW Turner's work Peace - Burial at Sea
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THE North-South divide is as evident in the arts as it is in the economy.

The nation’s crown jewels – not just the Queen’s but those that have shaped our culture over the centuries – are held mostly in the capital. Many are free to see but more still are not.

So the Art Fund programme, which provides the wherewithal for provincial museums to display works of national importance, is a welcome addition to our creative landscape, especially when it brings home to Yorkshire treasures as significant as those currently on their way to Harrogate.

The artist JMW Turner, whose own landscapes have defined the format from his day to ours, drew his inspiration from his first journey through the Broad Acres at the end of the 18th century. It turned him from an architectural draughtsman into the quintessential English craftsman he became.

We welcome the opportunity to see his first impressions of Yorkshire, in their original surroundings.