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This has been another dramatic week over Brexit.
This has been another dramatic week over Brexit.
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From: Alan Hartlein, Knoxville, Tennessee.

AS an American living in the US, I have taken great interest in reading numerous articles every day about Brexit. And I have to say Bernard Ingham’s latest column, ‘‘Speak no more of John Bercow – why Theresa May should just tell EU we’re out’’ (The Yorkshire Post, March 20), is one of the best I have read. I really enjoyed it.

Bernard Ingham: Speak no more of John Bercow – Theresa May should just tell the EU we’re out

It is quite clear that Theresa May has always wanted to surrender to the EU. To trade the Union flag for an EU flag. The fact that the head of the once- great empire has to beg the EU already tells us where the power lies.

It is unbelievable that she begs the EU.

Your article was straight to the point and is exactly what May should do. But May is not a leader. She begs.

It says a lot about how British society has changed since Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. A true British patriot, like Winston Churchill.

My observation is that May will be remembered as the Neville Chamberlain of her time. Waving around a fake EU Brexit deal, like Chamberlain waved that fake agreement with Hitler.

I hope there are still enough British patriots to stop this bad deal with the EU. I really enjoyed your article. Enough so to make me want to write.

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

FROM what I read in the media, the Leave campaigners are being blamed for the chaos and delay of Brexit. Surely people like myself who chose Leave are the last people to blame?

We were led to believe that if the majority of votes were for leaving the EU we would go straightaway, so we knew what we were voting for and what should happen.

Plans should have been in place as anyone with a 
modicum of common sense would realise that negotiations would be a non-starter with the EU desperate not to lose its meal ticket.

After a small amount of initial disruption, we should have been sorted by now. No, all the blame for this protracted chaos lies squarely with Remainers, from the idiots waving EU flags 
outside Parliament, through all the MPs who failed to honour manifesto promises, to traitorous has-been politicians conniving with Brussels, the pompous Remainer in the Speaker’s chair and the Remainer-in-chief Mrs May.

If Brexit is stopped or we end up with a deal which leaves us in a worse position than before, it is their fault.