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Will HS2 be good for Yorkshire or not?
Will HS2 be good for Yorkshire or not?
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From: Nigel Davies, London.

I REFER to the thought-provoking piece by Jayne Dowle on HS2 and the recent commentary from Liz Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury (The Yorkshire Post, April 15).

Jayne Dowle: North may be more united if HS2 ends up in sidings

Most certainly, I wholeheartedly agree with Jayne Dowle that it is vital that Northern Powerhouse Rail (“NPR”) is supported in full, together with hugely improved regional infrastructure of all types of transport.

However I fear that the approach of Ms Truss will lead to further division in the UK, as it is actually a continuation of a policy continuing to plough investment into London and the South East, with scant funding left for other parts of the UK.

Ms Truss has hinted that she is against HS2. No doubt, this will go down well with the party faithful in her leadership campaign. Ms Truss has stated that she is keen for investment such as for the “odd level crossing, nitty gritty schemes etc”. This is hardly showing any ambition for regions which have been starved of investment for decades. The national funding is available, and Judith Blake, the Labour leader of Leeds City Council, is correct in saying that the North should not take a step backwards, and continue with ambitious plans for HS3, NPR and HS2 because it is not a case of either/or.