Time to clean up our act in Yorkshire over air pollution – The Yorkshire Post says

AS climate change rises up the political agenda – it has even featured in the Tory leadership contest – Clean Air Day is a reminder of our collective duty to do more to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, harmful pollutants.

Yet, while Theresa May has committed to zero net emissions by 2050, it won’t be her responsibility after next month and it remains to be seen whether her successor shows similar ambition – Boris Johnson, for one, appears reluctant to make any commitments.

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But while bodies like Public Health England are right to urge families to cut the number of unnecessary car journeys, as well as looking at new ways to heat and insulate their homes more efficiently, individual initiatives – like the Leeds and Bradford schools encouraging parents not leave their car engines running while their way to collect their children from lessons – will only go so far.

A sign outside Pool-in-Wharfedale CE Primary School.

It requires greater policy co-ordination after the introduction of a Clean Air Zone in Leeds had to be “significantly postponed” due to a delays developing a vehicle checking system. And it needs the Department for Transport to view spending on buses, cycles, cycle lanes and footpaths as an investment in the nation’s future health so the number of people needing hospital treatment for breathing ailments is reduced. It is called joined-up policy-making and future-proofing the natural environment.