Time we took control of our own society again after Brexit

Has Theresa May provided strong leadership over Brexit?
Has Theresa May provided strong leadership over Brexit?
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From: Mrs BJ Cussons, Curly Hill, Ilkley.

I AM not a supporter of international aid because it does not remove the causes of the need and effectively creates cruelty to children. People have no right to bring children into the world when neither they nor their country can provide for them. When the papers were full of stories about hundreds of children in Calais without parents, I felt physically sick.

Even in our own country, we spend time and money trying to right the wrongs of poor parenting instead of spending those resources on the causes of poverty and loneliness in an increasing number of children.

If we were in charge of our own society again after Brexit, we might possibly get laws that are needed, and not just those which just provide so-called ‘jobs for the boys’. But only if MPs unite for Britain.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

LIKE many Brexiteers, Gordon Lawrence (The Yorkshire Post, April 5) berates Remainers for not accepting the EU referendum result when, in point of fact, the majority of those that voted Remain were prepared to accept the result subject to sensible compromises.

It is actually the ardent Brexiteers, as exemplified by the European Research Group (The Yorkshire Post, April 6), who won’t accept it, and are largely responsible for the current chaos.

Despite the closeness of the result, many of them refuse to accept any compromises, and continue to insist that all the 17.4 million who voted Leave favoured initially a hard, and now a no-deal Brexit, despite the fact that the latter in particular was never promoted before or during the referendum campaign.

Some even refuse to acknowledge the fact that the result was actually close.

From: Martin McFadden, Drighlington.

A QUICK recap. Hold a referendum, and let the people decide with their votes.

Then, spend more than two years playing sleight of hand – not to mention sleight of mouth.

Then, totally ignore the will of the people.

Still struggling?

Well, now let’s really show our true colours and jump into bed with the Opposition leader.

The thousands who surrendered their lives for Great Britain must be spinning in their graves.

Leadership, integrity, decency, morality – none of these words are part of Theresa May’s vocabulary.