TV detective Vera fills the Heartbeat void as she heads to Tan Hill Inn – The Yorkshire Post says

EVER SINCE the last episode of Heartbeat was broadcast a decade ago, actress Brenda Blethyn – who plays DI Vera Stanhope – has become, arguably, the country’s favourite TV detective.

The next series of ITV police drama vera will fetaure an episide on North Yorkshire.

Yet, while the ITV series Vera, inspired by the novels of Ann Cleeves, is predominantly set in Northumberland, the new series, which begins next Sunday, will break new ground.

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It sees the detective, renowned for her weather-beaten hats and sturdy Land Rover, tasked with investigating a case featuring the world renowned Tan Hill Inn, Britain’s remotest pub.

The Tan Hill Inn is Britain's remotest pub.

And the fact that the 17th century Yorkshire Dales hostelry, the highest pub in the country, keeps its name, and distinct identity, in the drama is one up on Heartbeat where the Goathland Hotel was renamed as the Aidensfield Arms for the TV series. As such, it is to be hoped that Vera helps keep Yorkshire in the spotlight in 2020 – and rural criminals at bay.