The unrivalled value of British farm produce and Boris Johnson’s big opportunity – The Yorkshire Post says

THESE are tough times for beef farmers. A double whammy – a combination of last summer’s warm weather and the misguided views of environmentalists about red meat – have led to plunges in prices because of over-supply.

Farming is facing fresh challenges as Boris Johnson prepares to take office.

Yet, while farmers have never been immune from market forces and volatility over prices, there is still a view that the Government could – and should – be doing more to promote UK produce as the very best in the world.

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Farmers remain fearful of the no-deal Brexit advocated by Boris Johnson.

And while public appreciation of local produce has grown immeasurably in the past decade when The Yorkshire Post was at the vanguard of campaigns for clearly labelling laws to avoid imported meat being sold as ‘British’ just because it had been processed here, there’s much more to do.

Not only does Boris Johnson, as Prime Minister, need to address the very legitimate fears of farmers over a no-deal Brexit, and ensure that the rural economy is not treated as an after-thought by his administration, but he can instruct every Whitehall department to make sure that the public sector is promoting – and using – British produce wherever possible. Environmental sustainability demands this.

Yet, as this country’s chief ambassador on the world stage, it is to be hoped that he uses food and drink sourced in Britain, and ideally Yorkshire, to break the ice with global leaders. Small gestures will go long away – whether it be building relations with foreign countries and reassuring farmers, some of the hardest working people in society, that he respects their graft and their wider contribution to the nation.

Theresa May, the outgoing Prime Minister, during a rare visit to a farm.