We’re beset by media bias against Donald Trump and Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters

Does President Donald Trump receive fair treatment from the media?
Does President Donald Trump receive fair treatment from the media?
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From: William Rees, Boroughbridge.

IT was good to read the article by Bill Carmichael (The Yorkshire Post, March 29) pointing out the appalling media bias that has been aimed at Donald Trump since his inauguration, and the way in which the media has been exposed by the Mueller report’s verdict that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians in his election campaign.

Bill Carmichael: Mueller exposes media’s embarrassing Trump derangement syndrome

But then on the same page you carried an article by Tony Rossiter, a former diplomat, that is guilty of exactly the sin that Mr Carmichael was writing about. – the only difference being that Mr Rossiter was writing about Brexit.

As seems almost inevitable these days, Mr Rossiter brought Hitler into his article, apparently finding a ludicrous parallel between his 1934 German referendum and the Brexit referendum of 2016.

And Mr Rossiter proceeded to describe as “extremists” those politicians who wanted to comply with the result of the referendum, denigrating the late change of heart to support Theresa May’s deal of “Boris Johnson and his Brexit gang” after they previously denounced it. If this article is an example of Mr Rossiter’s diplomatic skills, then I’m afraid I’m not surprised that our country’s relationship with our neighbours leaves a lot to be desired.