Why Boris Johnson has just 100 days to prove himself over Brexit – GP Taylor

WELL, unless hell freezes over, it looks like Boris Johnson will be the next leader of the Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson's number one priority, says GP Taylor, should be Brexit. Do you agree?

Love him or hate him, he is one of the few politicians who has any charisma. For the Conservatives, he might be the only person to be able to stop the political avalanche about to descend on us all, in the shape of Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party.

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Sadly, for Johnson, he will only have 100 days to do something that Theresa May failed to do in three years – 100 days to honour the democratic wishes of over 17 million people. It is my number one wish that Brexit has to be his one and only priority.

Boris Johnson has 100 days to save the nation, argues GP Taylor.

In his first few hours in office, he will sup from the same poisoned chalice that was handed to Theresa May by a fleeing David Cameron. Johnson will have to deal with the same politicians who stabbed her in the back and held her to ransom. They will still hold the same political position.

It is unlikely that they will put the will of the country before their petty needs. Oliver Letwin and Dominic Grieve will doubtless try to overturn the democratic desire of the people and keep us tied to the United States of Europe.

Boris Johnson is expected to become Tory leader and Prime Minister next week.

Getting Britain out of the EU is the most important task for the new leader. He will have to use every political tactic available to him.

The fight will be dirty and rough, but I think Johnson might just be able to do it.

Brexit is more than leaving the EU. It is also about the battle to save democracy. It is about standing up to an empire- building bureaucracy, with a desire for its own army.

It is fighting a concept of ever-growing union that would see Britain as a minor player as the real power oscillates between Paris and Berlin.

I would never have thought it possible for a Labour Party to support such a capitalist-backed venture and have a manifesto pledge to honour the Brexit vote and then go against it. It is these metropolitan, turncoat politicians that Boris will have to beat.

They will do everything possible to thwart him, as they sip their champagne from chilled glasses in Islington wine bars, all hoping they get some fat cat post in Brussels as a payoff for their treachery.

Aided by the biased BBC, open war will be declared on the Government. Traitors within the Tory party will join forces with the Labour pseudo-Trotskyites to bring down the Government.

It just shows that even Jeremy Corbyn, a man I once thought was a refreshing change in British politics, has his price. How can a man who despises the EU suddenly want another referendum?

Why is Labour set on abandoning the working people of the North? The only people who think remaining Labour is a good thing are the voters of London.

Slowly but surely, the working class of the North are starting to despise Corbyn and his cronies. In greater numbers, they now see salvation coming with te Brexit Party and Nigel Farage. The man that most think would make a better PM than Corbyn or Johnson.

In these 100 days, Johnson will face a barrage of insults, attacks and false news.

His private life will be scrutinised more than ever before. Those against him will seek to destroy him and everything he stands for.

He will not be free from the interventions of foreign nationals with global tendrils, seeking to protect their own interests. Not satisfied with breaking the Bank of England, they will seek to break a democratically-elected Government and its mandate to get Britain out of Europe.

Like many ordinary people that I have spoken to recently, I do not care if Boris Johnson suspends Parliament. He has to do whatever he can to make sure we leave at the end of October.

British hearts have been hardened by three years of humiliation at the hands of gloating Eurocrats. Enough is enough. The grovelling has to stop and the softly, softly approach of Theresa May has to be cast aside.

No deal is better than a bad deal anytime. We will all be surprised by how amazingly well this great land of ours will do outside the EU.

Johnson has to be strong, determined and set his face like flint to get the job done. He needs to make a pre-election pact with the Brexit Party to fight Corbyn’s Momentum activists.

I kid you not, we are living in dangerous times. If he fails, then I fear for the kind of country we will be living in. Boris Johnson has 100 days to save this country. I pray to God that he has the resilience to keep going when lesser mortals would quickly give up.

GP Taylor is an author and broadcaster from North Yorkshire.