Why Boris Johnson premiership will be a mere tremor compared to the earthquake if Jeremy Corbyn takes power – Bernard Ingham

NEVER in all my born days have I known British politics in such an unholy mess. Boris Johnson will be a political genius if he heals our fractured system after getting us out of the EU.

Politicis is in a mess, says Bernard Ingham, as Britain braces itself for a general election between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

I started this year determined to look on the bright side but it borders on delusion to find any hope in this political wreckage.

It would be bad enough if the Tories had only lost their marbles over Brexit. That has aroused such unexpectedly savage passions that the cost for the NHS in tranquillisers threatens to become ruinous.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been rocked by fresh claims that he has not done enough to confront anti-Semitism in his party.

What is more, the plague has been wreaking its damage on the party for 40 years to my certain knowledge.

So has economic policy. The party is divided into those who, to a greater or lesser degree, believe in Thatcherite housewifely economics and wets whose so-called compassion is unmoved by rising debt which our grandchildren will have to redeem.

Some of them are daft enough to echo Jeremy Corbyn’s mantra about “austerity” when the ordinary working man, his wife and family have never had it so good, if you measure it in material comfort and technological fixes.

Would you vote for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister?

In the light of all this no wonder some feel that the party is facing an “existential threat”.

Yet, on the Richter scale of political earthquakes, the Tories are nobbut a tremor compared with the Labour Party’s crashing chaos. Labour has always been fractious, though loyal to a fault to its leaders compared with the ruthless Tories.

But Jeremy Corbyn and his Momentum mob have brought to it a vicious hatred of this country and all its works – and to its own members who do not toe the Marxist line.

Nothing can be more unpleasant than incurring the wrath of Corbyn’s politburo.

The abuse, if that is not too mild a word, thrown at them from all angles – and especially the internet – is as coarse as it is disgraceful. It is merciless towards its dissident women MPs, especially Jews. Yet this is the party that is supposed to believe in equality.

All this is liberally financed by a trade union movement that promises to wreck the holidays of perhaps millions by strikes at airports any day now.

Those of us brought up in Labour politics – myself here in the old West Riding – thought we knew all about the excesses of the hard Left until Corbyn arrived on the back of Ed Miliband’s invitation to infiltration with a £3 membership fee. Now we know we were living in cloud cuckoo land.

It is said Labour is now in a state of civil war. The only amazing thing is that it has taken so long when Corbyn can always find excuses for our enemies, consort with terrorists and allow anti-Semitism to flourish in the party.

I have long been filled with contempt for Labour moderates who have allowed their party to be hi-jacked by the Kremlin’s creed. Yet what are they doing in revolting? Why are they deserting their grass roots by seeking to overturn Brexit with a second referendum on EU membership.

Then we have, by Tory and Labour default, two parties – Brexit and Liberal Democrats – whose sole purpose is to offer temporary sanctuary to Leavers and Remainers.

On top of all this, we have nationalist forces bent on breaking up the UK. Unbelievably, the Scottish Nationalists want independence from England but subservience to Brussels. It raises the question whether the Scot Nats are fundamentally racist in their attitude to the English.

Welsh Nats may well go the same way as their Scottish equivalents, given half the chance, and there is certainly no doubt what Sinn Fein want: to unite Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

All this and the Greens, too – the only single issue pressure group so far represented in Parliament, but for how long?

British society is terrorised by ill-assorted loopy activists seeking to impose their will on us through disruption.

We have come to a pretty pass when a Christian doctor is suspended because he would not call a chap with a beard a woman just because he has chosen to identify himself as female.

Sometimes I think Britain has become a psychiatric ward filled with serious cases.

In the background Vladimir Putin purrs with delight at this home-made Western instability.

Wider Europe is in turmoil over self-imposed threats to its liberal culture and the drive for an undemocratic federal structure while in the White House Donald Trump habitually tweets before he thinks.

Sisyphus had an easier task than Boris. May God go with him.