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Should MPs like Yvette Cooper be trying to defy the Brexit referendum result?
Should MPs like Yvette Cooper be trying to defy the Brexit referendum result?
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From: Jean Croydon, Wakefield.

I LIVE in the Hemsworth constituency and I am disgusted with the the three local Labour MPs representing Wakefield.

Hemsworth election result – 45,944 voted and Jon Trickett received 25,740 votes;

Wakefield election result – 46,284 voted and Mary Creagh received 22,987 votes;

Normanton, Pontefract & Castleford result – 49,191 voted and Yvette Cooper received 29,268 votes.

Neil McNicholas: Why are we still waiting for our MPs to deliver Brexit?

The total number of people who voted in the last general election was 141,419. The three MPs representing the Wakefield area received 77,995 votes out of the total cast.

Yet, in the referendum, 175,042 people voted in total in Wakefield and 116,165 voted to leave the European Union.

By my calculation, the three MPs are not voting as the Wakefield electorate requested and I don’t understand why they haven’t resigned as they are quite clearly not representing us.

If I ignored my employer, I would be sacked. The majority of Wakefield want to leave the EU but this trio keep voting to keep us in.

What will happen at the next election? They have lost my confidence and I will not be voting for them ever again, as they clearly do not represent the people of Wakefield. I know the “deal” is not ideal but the EU will clearly not agree to anything better, and the “deal” is most probably better than “no deal”.

These MPs have most probably one more chance to help your constituents to leave the EU. Please vote to leave the EU. From a very fed up and unrepresented constituent!

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

THE easy way to solve Brexit is to form a committee of both major parties, and invite representatives for the Lib Dems and DUP to sit down together and put aside party politics.

During the Second World War, we were governed by a coalition. Since we appear to be in another war-type situation, it should surely suffice now.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

DOES any MP want to be written into the history books as part of the Establishment which overturned democracy in our country?

The time for hiding behind Mrs May is over for both Remain Tory and Remain Labour MPs.

The Government tried to get a deal, and failed.

We must now leave the EU, embrace independence and trade abroad under the WTO framework.