Why it is not end of the line for these Pacer trains – The Yorkshire Post says

WHO would want the discarded and possibly rusting hulk of a Pacer railway carriage cluttering up their property?

Pacer trains still operate on the Northern network.

The Rail Minister Andrew Jones, whose Harrogate constituency is still served by the unloved buses-on-wheels conceived as a stopgap in the dying days of the nationalised network, is clearly hoping that passengers will come to lament their disappearance – in the same way as red telephone boxes, for instance. He was in Leeds yesterday to launch a “competition” for community groups to suggest alternative uses for three of the carriages when they are finally retired at the end of the year.

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However, unlike those phone kiosks, no one ever thought of Pacers as symbolic representations of our British way of life; they are and remain cattle trucks suitable for only the most utilitarian human use.

Offloading them for community use suggests what many had long suspected: not even the scrapyards want them.