Why most oppose the economic suicide politicians are risking over Brexit – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Brian D Black, Westwood Road, Beverley.

Theresa May arrives at last Thursday's EU summit.

I READ the letter from your correspondent Dr Alastair Cook with interest (The Yorkshire Post, March 19) but, in common with many Brexiteers, he missed out a small four-letter word when he infers that the British people voted to leave the EU.

That word of course is “some” since 63 per cent did not vote to leave (although quite a few of those did not bother to vote).

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I find it infuriating that Brexiteers keep propagating the view that everyone wants to leave, but I do accept, however, that the Leave campaign has been much better organised and more persuasive than the Remain campaign.

Politicians seem to avoid asking what’s best for the country, but instead are prepared to risk economic suicide because they believe leaving is the more popular view as adopted by the right-wing press.

Your correspondent also seems to believe we have lost sovereignty by being members of the EU. If this were the case, we would not be able to leave and would be in the position of the Catalans whose leaders have been incarcerated for trying to gain independence from Spain.

From: Mr L Brook, Rosewood Court, Rothwell, Leeds.

THE shameful way we have dealt with Brexit would be funny if it wasn’t tragic.

Over many years successive governments have allowed Brussels to slowly turn a trade agreement into a full takeover of the UK. The only time any backbone was shown is when we refused to scrap our own currency and use the euro.

Our politicians now operate on a dictatorship basis and their majority view is that we cannot survive outside the EU.

The nation has voted otherwise, a decision which is being totally and undemocratically ignored.

From: Sandra Morris, Leeds.

WOULD it be a good idea for all the MPs and members of the House of Lords to give all the money from their expenses, and half of their salaries, for six months, enabling us to pay off our debt to the EU?

From: Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts, Leeds.

ON Brexit, the day of reckoning will come at the ballot box when the common people take their revenge. Representative democracy is a gift, fought over for centuries, not to become a sham – and if Brexit is in name only, that fragile trust might never return.