Why Welcome to Yorkshire will continue to be unique tourist marketing tool - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough.

Sir Gary Verity has resigned as chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire.

WELCOME To Yorkshire will in my view continue as a unique tourist marketing tool long after the fallout from Sir Gary Verity’s resignation.

His legacy surrounding the capture of an all-too-small part of a stage of the prestigious Tour de France and later Tour de Yorkshire will see to that, as pride in the organisation leading tourism in Yorkshire recovers and goes from strength to strength – a view echoed by Andy Clarke (The Yorkshire Post, April 6).

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Like Andy, I have the utmost faith in the quality, after Sir Gary’s departure, in the excellent teamwork on offer. The organisation has made a successful promotional product, associated with cycling, which is the envy of countless other tourism bodies who are all competing for much the same numbers of visitors and supporters and thousands of tourists.

Sir Gary’s promised to me that he would bring the tour to Middlesbrough – and he did so.

For that sincere pledge, I and the town’s politicians, tradespeople and public of the wider Tees Valley will forever be grateful to the man for all seasons who kept his word.

I wish Sir Gary well in all his future endeavours.