Words of wisdom from Prince Charles over European relations – The Yorkshire Post says

EVEN though Brexit continues to engender strong feelings, the evocation of wartime language does not add to the quality of debate.

The Prince of Wales is to deliver a conciliatory speech in Germany as Brexit uncertainty remains.

As Nicky Morgan, a former Education Secretary, pointed out when she rebuked Sir Bill Cash, a leading Brexiteer, for using inflammatory phrases like ‘abject surrender’ and ‘capitulation’, it makes it harder to reach a consensus and adds to the tensions at a time when the safety of all politicians is such concern following the murder of Batley & Spen MP Jo Cox three years ago.

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In this context, there is much to admire about the thoughtful tone of the speech due to be delivered in Berlin today by the Prince of Wales where he will emphasise the importance of the now enduring relationship between the UK and Germany, and irrespective of what “is negotiated and agreed between governments and institutions”. An acknowledgment of the Brexit uncertainty which exists both here, and abroad, it is also a gentle reminder that Britain’s only intention is to leave the EU and will still be integral to Europe’s future.

As Prince Charles pledges for Britain and Germany to “redouble our commitment to each other and to the ties between us”, MPs should take heed of the sincerity of his conciliatory words as cross-party talks between the Government and Labour resume. By citing the shared importance of arts, science and trade links, the Prince, to paraphrase the late Mrs Cox, showed that Britain will still have more in common with Germany – and Europe – after Brexit, a very pertinent point that should not be forgotten by all those who only appear intent on exacerbating this country’s divisions.