Yorkshire and the region’s lack of confidence over Brexit – The Yorkshire Post says

POLITICS is beset by such uncertainty, infighting and factionalism that it is easy to see why so many Yorkshire voters have no confidence in Britain leaving the EU by October 31.

Boris Johnson intends to lead Britain out of the EU on October 31.

With only 15 per cent of those surveyed in polling for this newspaper feeling very confident that Brexit will happen on the date promised by the new Prime Minister, a picture emerges of our region having a distinct lack of faith in him to deliver.

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The figures are also illustrative of how the agonies both the biggest parties have gone through over Brexit have sapped public trust in them, even amongst previously loyal supporters.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn plans to table a no confidence vote in the Government.

When that is added to the polling’s findings that Yorkshire voters are not convinced either Mr Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn would have our region’s best interests at heart as Prime Minister, both Conservative and Labour have much to 
be concerned about, especially as key marginal seats here will be in play whenever a general election comes.

Voters’ concerns about when Brexit will happen, and the possible consequences, can only have been deepened by yesterday’s leak of the Government’s own secret assessment of what might happen in the event of leaving the EU with no deal.

The picture it paints of possible food, medicine and fuel shortages, long delays at the Channel ports and British waters being invaded by foreign fishing vessels is an alarming one, and places even more pressure on the Government to ensure this does not happen.

If Mr Johnson is to command the trust of the country, he must take all necessary steps to guarantee that everyday life carries on as normal after Brexit.

An Autumn of Parliamentary battles lies ahead, including an almost certain motion of no confidence. As our polling shows, he cannot count on the confidence of Yorkshire’s voters.