Yorkshire doesn’t need London so let’s go for full independence - Yorkshire Post letters

From: Geoff Bayley, Delph, Saddleworth.

Is it time to demand Yorkshire independence?

NOW that the Government has refused devolved powers to Yorkshire, why not put the frighteners up our Westminster Government by demanding independence for Yorkshire?

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The media frequently report on “One Yorkshire”, “Yorkshire Forward”, “Visit Yorkshire” and the “Northern Powerhouse”.

However, what do these organisations consider to be Yorkshire? Is it just those parts which are administered at local level by a Yorkshire-based local authority? If so, what about the parts of Yorkshire, which were ‘‘given’’ to local authorities based in neighbouring counties, by the Local Government Act of 1972? I refer to areas such as part of the Trough of Bowland, Saddleworth, towns and villages near the River Tees, Sedbergh and others. All should be fully integrated with God’s Own County.

If Yorkshire is not considered large enough to become independent, then consider a consortium of counties from south of the border with Scotland, to the southern limits of Yorkshire and Lancashire – i.e. the North. Scrap plans for HS2. We don’t need London. Funds earmarked for HS2 would be far better used to improve transport links.

London and the South East have had far more than fair their share of investment for too long.