The Yorkshire Post says: Brexit declutter could bring calm approach to deadlock

Given the amount of muddled thinking on Brexit, perhaps our MPs should listen to Yorkshire decluttering queen Kate Ibbotson to help them clear their heads.

Perhaps MPs could take a leaf out of decluttering expert Kate Ibbotson's book.

The Ilkley mother believes the state of the home is directly linked to the state of the mind. And by fashioning an ordered and functional environment, she says has more energy and focus to deal with challenges that come her way.

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In her words, “creating a comfortable, organised home environment is a vital stabilising factor and a key element to a calm, motivated mind”. With another dramatic week in politics ahead, MPs could do worse than to take a leaf out of her book before they debate and vote on the Prime Minister’s ‘Plan B’ for the UK’s departure from the European Union. For an energised, focused, calm and motivated approach is exactly what is needed to help resolve the Brexit deadlock, particularly given the withdrawal date is now just over two months away.