The Yorkshire Post says: County's charms - More tourists visiting Yorkshire

The weather might be chillier in Yorkshire than it is in the South, but visitors here certainly enjoy a warm welcome.

York is one of the places that has seen visitor numbers grow. (James Hardisty).

And it appears that while tourists are being put off staying in London because of the rising cost of hotel prices, the hassle caused by public transport strikes and fears over security, the gentler pace of life in Yorkshire and its countless grand locations, are proving a big draw with visitors.

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York, in particular, has benefitted from this, moving up 10 places in the “league table” of major attractions in the UK. Thanks to its treasure trove of historic venues, Yorkshire has become one of the most sought-after film and TV locations in the country with places like Harewood House, which has featured in ITV’s hit series Victoria, pulling in the tourists.

And who can blame them? Whether it’s the historic splendour of cities like York, the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the Dales, or the raft of atmospheric seaside towns, it’s hard to top God’s Own County.