The Yorkshire Post says: Domestic abuse bill much-awaited after brave campaigning of Claire Throssell

The bravery of Yorkshire mother Claire Throssell in fighting for change to the legal system after her abusive ex-husband killed both their sons is beyond comprehension for most.

In the face of heartbreaking adversity, she has shown remarkable strength and courage in her campaigning with Women’s Aid, driven by a promise to her boys that no other children should die in the way they did.

The Government has now announced a landmark domestic abuse bill, which aims to support victims and their families and will mean perpetrators can no longer cross-examine their victims in family courts.

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Claire Throssell has campaigned for an overhaul to the legal system

Claire, who had to go to court to resolve contact issues after she and the boys’ father Darren Sykes separated, pleaded with authorities that he should be stopped from seeing their children, four months before he started a house fire; killing both children and taking his own life in the process, in October 2014.

Though Claire has welcomed the new measures to tackle domestic abuse, and wants judges to use the legislation to “move the family court system forward”, the unveiling is bittersweet. As she tells The Yorkshire Post: “It’s too late for Jack and Paul but it’s not too late for the generations to come.”

Her focus on others, despite the tragedy she has lived through, is admirable.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid said the bill and wider Government measures would “bolster protection for victims” and “help expose and bring vile abusers to justice”.

Indeed, this must be the case, for it is no understatement to say that domestic abuse really does destroy lives.