The Yorkshire Post says: Flying in style as Concorde anniversary is marked

CONCORDE’S maiden flight on March 2, 1969, was a moment of intense national pride as the supersonic airliner capable of travelling at twice the speed of sound took to the skies having been born out of a joint Anglo-French project.

For decades, Concorde was held up to the world as a masterpiece of engineering until its retirement from service in October 2003 in a move which was blamed on falling passenger numbers and rising maintenance costs. It came three years after a tragic crash killing more than 100 people.

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But the 50th anniversary of the airliner’s first flight today offers the opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to fondly remember Concorde’s positive impact on the world.

In an age where air travel is more associated with stress, security checks and cramped budget flights, the Concorde anniversary is a reminder of a time where well-heeled passengers could truly soar through the skies and cross continents in luxurious style.