The Yorkshire Post says: Haxey Hood traditions must not be lost to future generations

THE crowds which turned out for yesterday's ancient Haxey Hood ceremony were a reminder of how important tradition is in defining our county's distinctive character.

Events like this, along with other time-honoured celebrations such as pace-egging, dock-pudding making, morris dancing and pork pie championships are more than just convivial get-togethers, valuable though that is in fostering community spirit.

They are reminders of Yorkshire’s long and colourful history, and such traditions deserve to be cherished. Yet there is a shadow over them.

This year the Haxey Hood had fewer watering-holes to call at, and the loss of community hubs like this is a matter of concern. Many other traditional events revolve around pubs, and it would be a great shame if closures imperilled them. Communities need to support their local pubs, and in doing so help to ensure venerable traditions continue to be passed on for generations to come.

The annual Haxey Hood game dates back to the 14th Century