The Yorkshire Post says: Head’s early retirement is alarming indication of school cash crisis

at a time when education leaders continue to warn of the financial crisis gripping schools nationwide, the drastic action of Yorkshire headteacher Ray Henshaw must not go unnoticed by the Government.

Ray Henshaw, the retiring principal of Minsthorpe.
Ray Henshaw, the retiring principal of Minsthorpe.

The principal of Minsthorpe Community College says he has been left with “no choice” but to retire fourteen months before he had originally planned, as part of a raft of savings to maintain the school’s financial solvency.

Though he told The Yorkshire Post it was not a “hero sacrifice”, his actions are certainly admirable.

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However, it is an 
alarming indication of 
the severity of cash shortages within the education system that a well-known and well-regarded headteacher feels he has to pack in his job early to protect the learning and opportunities of students and secure the school financially into the future.

Even more worrying is that Mr Henshaw is not alone in voicing concerns that funding for schools is far from adequate. Back in September, 2,000 headteachers marched on Downing Street in a call for action over financial challenges and just last month 3.5 million parents were sent letters warning of a funding crisis in the nation’s schools, amid accusations over “inadequate” Government action in response to headteachers’ lobbying and reports of parents giving donations for equipment such as glue sticks.

The Government claims that there is more money going into schools than ever before, but those in power must pay heed to the voices of those on the ground. After all, it is the education of our children that is at stake.