The Yorkshire Post says: The heat is on... Price fears as energy cap goes up

WHEN the energy price cap was introduced, it was intended to show that the Government was on the side of consumers.

Changes to see the energy price cap will see average bills go up by more than £100 a year.

Indeed, this was one of the ‘burning injustices’ that Theresa May highlighted when she first took office. Yet, while it has protected some families from the more unfair pricing policies pursued by the providers, it is cold comfort to the 15 million households whose bills will go up by £117 a year after changes to the cap.

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Ofgem, the energy regulator, says it reflects a genuine increase in wholesale prices – and that those affected will still pay a “fair price”. The test, therefore, will come when these costs down – and whether such decreases are passed on to consumers or not. In the meantime, the consequence is extra anxiety for all those people who are already struggling to afford to heat their homes this winter when the energy industry should be leading a national crusade to improve the insulation of draught-hit properties occupied by the elderly and vulnerable.