The Yorkshire Post says: Legacy of a legend - how Captain James Cook remains an inspiration

CAPTAIN James Cook stands in the front rank of Yorkshire heroes, his epic voyages of discovery a benchmark of what our county's characteristic grit and determination can achieve.

Whitby remains synonymous with Captain Cook.
Whitby remains synonymous with Captain Cook.

There is no prouder seafaring legacy on our coastline than his, and it is wonderful there is a surge of interest in his life and exploration.

The growing success of tours exploring his legacy in North Yorkshire, from Staithes, where he first fell in love with the sea, to Whitby, where he began to learn his seamanship, are much to be welcomed.

The tours are a valuable boost to Yorkshire’s increasingly successful tourist trade, which is excellent news.

But there is something more in their success which is equally heartening.

They show a keenness to explore the history and heritage of this great man.

Cook may be a figure of the 18th century, yet his example still continues to inspire people in the