The Yorkshire Post says: Make do and mend as consumers start to fight back

IF the resurgence of the post-war ‘make do and mend’ culture is society supporting local DIY shops, and fighting back against the manufacturers of household goods which are no longer built to last, it is to be welcomed.

Is there a resurgance of the post-war 'make do and mend' culture?

There was a time, not so long ago, when companies prided themselves on the reliability, longevity and sturdiness of electrical items and their like. It was also a source of embarrassment if they broke down prematurely.

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Now there is a growing sense, even suspicion, that some goods and gadgets are never intended to last beyond their warranty date because of a mistaken belief, on the part of certain companies, that consumers will simply fork out the money for a new product without quibble.

If their durability can be extended – and there are sufficient tradespeople with the necessary expertise – it will also leave families with more disposable income at a time when the wider economy needs every possible stimulus.