The Yorkshire Post says: Never forget our RAF wartime heroes

THE sight and sound of bombers taking off from RAF Lissett may be long gone, but the bravery of the men who flew in them, many never to return, will endure forever.

A metal sculpture memorial to RAF's 158 Squadron, Bomber Command, at Lissett near Driffield.

A weekend of commemoration at the former East Yorkshire airfield should act as a reminder to us of the debt of honour we all owe to those young aircrew.

The price 158 Squadron paid was a terrible one – 851 men lost in only two-and-a-half years.

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Their sacrifice demands that we remember them and salute their heroism. Only a handful of veterans now remain, and the time must come when the courage of those who flew from RAF Lissett is beyond living testimony.

But the memorial to them stands as an eternal monument to their courage and steadfastness when they played a key role in freeing Europe from tyranny and evil.

We will always remember them, and give thanks.