The Yorkshire Post says: Pioneering Sheffield school project proves value of Latin

With Latin often described as a “dead language”, making the case for its inclusion on school curriculums has frequently proved a difficult one – particularly in this era where so much of our education system is centred around preparing for exams in the core subjects of English, maths and sciences.

Should more schools learn Latin?

But as children at Sheffield’s Arbourthorne Community Primary School – based in one of Yorkshire’s most deprived areas – are demonstrating, learning the basics of the language can be of great benefit from both an academic and cultural perspective.

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With so many words in the English language being derived from Latin, the weekly lessons are helping to expand their vocabulary and improve their aptitude in English, while also providing them with a unique insight into Roman society which did so much to shape our modern world.

Arbourthorne is showing other schools the value that comes from teaching children Latin. QED.