The Yorkshire Post says: The test of time. New alarm over sales decline

THE Yorkshire Post does not wish to express further undue alarm at a time when the clock is already ticking over the future of Britain's high streets.

Is time up for the traditional alarm clock?

However the latest consumer trends report by department store John Lewis that these devices are falling out fashion is a timely warning about their importance.

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Even though younger generations prefer to use mobile phones, there’s nothing wrong with having an insurance policy – Yorkshire bosses remain renowned for their punctiliousness – and the sharp shrill of an alarm clock, and then the gurgling of water if it is linked to a teasmade, has more than passed the test of time.

Yet, while people will hope their mobile phones will update automatically when summertime ends and the clocks go back one hour this weekend, only human error can be blamed if the alarm isn’t adjusted.

For, without the alarm clock, just think how many more people would have been late for work or missed crucial appointments?