YP Comment: A happy county of curmudgeons

IT will come as no surprise that people living in Yorkshire are amongst the happiest in the country.

With great centres of industry and innovation blessed surrounded by unrivalled countryside, it is only this region – and certainly not the poor imitation on the dark side of the Pennines – which can truly lay claim to be ‘God’s own county’.

Not only is this the most diverse county in Britain, but it’s also the most confident – one reason why the region excelled in a new survey. There’s no doubt, people are proud to call this county home because they’re attuned instinctively to its reputation for curmudgeonliness and plain-speaking.

It’s just slightly surprising that the Government doesn’t recognise this and invest more money in this region’s infrastructure so more people can share Yorkshire’s success story. But, then again, people here are never happier than when they’ve got something to complain about. Perverse but true.