YP Letters: Arrogance of Harrogate MP shows why we voted Leave

David Cameron speaks at PMQs.
David Cameron speaks at PMQs.
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From: Dr Chris Daley, Moorland View, Harrogate.

I DO hope that the MP for Harrogate Andrew Jones has been misquoted (The Yorkshire Post, June 25) when stating that Harrogate voted to remain in the EU because “its residents are well educated”.

If in fact he did say this, then it displays the jaw-dropping arrogance which is leading to our withdrawal from the EU. From the President of the USA and Prime Minister downwards, many MPs, business chiefs, trade union leaders, bankers et al have taken the public for fools and have paid the price by attempting to frighten and bully people into a vote to remain.

David Cameron has been an excellent Prime Minister with an enviable track record. He was true to his word and delivered a referendum, again worthy of credit. Had he simply told the country what he believed and then acted in a prime ministerial manner by then keeping quiet, the result would I am convinced have been different. The near panic, threats of emergency budgets, potential war and fiscal Armageddon that rained down on us, together with a fundamental misunderstanding of how people felt about the EU, has brought us to this position.

As for those of us in Harrogate, it is clearly “education, education, education” – now, where have I heard that before? Oh yes, another excellent PM who had to fall on his sword.

From: John Craven, Baildon.

WHAT a load of elitist piffle John Kellett (The Yorkshire Post, June 28). So you think “the well educated” of Leeds/Harrogate and York are so much better than us mere mortals and probably as well educated creatures from other parts of Yorkshire?

The majority of Yorkshire people voted to leave so you and your “well educated” friends will have to get used to it.

From: John D Hill, Barnsley.

REFERRING to the Remain vote in Leeds, York and Harrogate, John Kellett says “it is no coincidence that the well-educated and caring citizens of these very successful communities saw the value of sharing their prosperity with Europe and the world”.

How dare he? I am from South Yorkshire. I am well educated and I am caring. I voted to leave. I respect his reasons for voting otherwise and he should respect mine. In the same way that southerners are said to have a negative image of we “up north”, Mr Kellett is trying to sub-divide us even further into the civilised residents of Leeds and district and the stupid peasants from the rest of the county.

What an offensive, Leeds-centric attitude.

From: Tim Hunter, Fairfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

THE fears people have about Brexit should now be dispelled through a positive information campaign from the Government, which should point out the benefits of being outside the EU.

The Government spent a lot of public money lying to us and scaremongering, telling us how bad it would be – well, they now need to tell us the truth, that it’ll actually be a great opportunity.

From: Geoffrey North, Guiseley, Leeds.

I HAVE read with mixed feelings the three opinion articles (The Yorkshire Post, June 27).

I found the article by Chris Haskins, a leading businessman, quite depressing. The electorate has given its verdict and now is the time to work out our future direction. Every businessman should know “SWOT”, a key constituent of every business plan – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

I feel that Jayne Dowle’s attack on Boris Johnson and Michael Gove was uncalled for. Professor Sir Keith Burnett was the only one who attempted to address the challenges ahead. We need more like him.

From: Robin Smith, Shadwell, Leeds.

IN response to Daniel Gill’s calls for a second referendum (The Yorkshire Post, June 28), you comment that “constitutional experts have said that his movement is unlikely to gain traction”.

In fact, constitutional law experts from the UK Constitutional Law Association are making it clear that a Parliamentary vote is required to pass the necessary legislation before the relevant notice to leave the EU can be served.

The referendum itself is purely advisory and cannot subvert the supremacy of Parliament. MPs are not delegates, there to follow external direction. On the contrary they are obliged under our constitution (unwritten though it may be) to exercise their own judgement.

From: Laurence J Sowden, Far Lane, Kettlewell.

MY take on Independence Day. The Prime Minister resigns and the Chancellor of the Exchequer disappears off the face of the Earth!

Then to round off the day we discover that the Remain camp are organising a petition demanding another petition on the strength of the turnout not being high enough. Presumably if we vote on the subject often enough they will eventually get the result they want.

You couldn’t make it up.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby.

ENGLAND was well beaten by Iceland in Euro 2016. Under EU rules we should have another match to see if we can get the right result.

From: George Krawiec, Station Road, North Thoresby, Near Grimsby.

WHATEVER some say, the primary responsibility (for 
good or bad) for the referendum result does lie with the 
baby boomers and older generations.

Accordingly, if further austerity is required, as seems a distinct probality, then surely those with the greatest responsibility must take the biggest share of the cuts? Thus the triple lock on pension increases must be abandoned. I am a OAP.