YP Letters: Bike bells a matter of courtesy not compulsion

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From: Patrick Daniel, Meersbrook, Sheffield.

IN reference to Canon Storey’s letter regarding bike bells (The Yorkshire Post, June 23), I 
agree that cyclists should 
show consideration to those around them, as should all 
road users.

However, he is mistaken to say there is a legal requirement for bicycles to have a bell. Bikes have to be sold with bells, but it is not illegal to ride a bike without a bell.

With regard to the unhappy incident Canon Storey relates, the problem seems to have arisen from a lack of courtesy, not a lack of a bell, which would probably have remained untinkled, even if his understanding of the law had been correct.

From: Michael J Robinson, Park Lane, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

CANON Storey hopes “that cyclists… will observe the law about having a bell on the handlebars”.

In fact, the present Highway Code says that cyclists should be considerate of others and should “let them know you are there when necessary, for example, by ringing your bell if you have one. It is recommended that a bell be fitted”.

If it ever was a requirement to have bicycles fitted with a bell, it is now only a recommendation.