YP Letters: Boris is guilty of nothing more than frippery over veils

Vote Leave has been fined and referred to the police for breaking electoral law.
Vote Leave has been fined and referred to the police for breaking electoral law.
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From: Paul Rouse, Main Street, Sutton upon Derwent.

DON’T the PC Brigade of the chattering classes love an excuse to get on a high horse? The only thing Boris Johnson can be accused of is frippery. It may be a ridiculous form of dress but likening the Muslim face veil to a letterbox completely misses the point. It’s yet another issue that shares its root cause with such things as the Catholic College scandal – religion.

It’s about time that everyone woke up to the fact that religions always have and always will divide people and create endless problems if they are allowed to do so. I believe in God, but man-made religions, and they are all man-made, have long provided an excuse and opportunity for abuse, violence, and hatred that the God I believe in would never countenance.

Bill Carmichael: Bogus outrage over Boris Johnson column

Of course, there are good people in every religion, just as there are good people in every walk of life, but inevitably it is those who hide behind, and take advantage of, religion to further their own agenda who cause the problems.

From: Philip Taylor, Huddersfield.

BORIS Johnson is an excellent politician. He is open and honest and says what he thinks, and does what he says. Other politicians should emulate his example. As a consequence, the public at large will be less complacent and inspired to be more interested in the way that the United Kingdom is governed.

From: Barry Geldart, Glen View, Hebden Bridge.

MY dictionary defines the silly season as a period in summer when newspapers print frivolous articles because they’re is a lack of political news.

A perfect example of this is the furore whipped up by the media with regard to Boris Johnson’s statement on burkas.

Mr Johnson’s sense of 
humour may not to be 
everyone’s taste, but with all the doom and gloom about these days, a touch of levity is to be welcomed.

Boris Johnson did not seek to offend Islam, merely gentle mockery. What a load of snowflake moaners our nation’s leaders are becoming.

From: R.E.N Webb, The Grove, Hipperholme, Halifax.

THE cost of Brexit negotiations is £3bn so far – would this have been spent in the NHS?

Jacob Rees-Mogg has recently suggested that the full benefits of Brexit will not be received for 50 years; this may be true but is it what was voted for? Of course these matters will involve the ‘easiest trade deal ever’ – this must be true because Dr Fox said so!