YP Letters: Brexiteers’ suspicions of Merkel are without foundation

Germany's Angela Merkel is described as a humanitarian by reader Brian Sheridan.
Germany's Angela Merkel is described as a humanitarian by reader Brian Sheridan.
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From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

I’M grateful to Keith Alford for articulating eloquently my precise thoughts on Brexit and the EU (The Yorkshire Post, December 31).

Brexiteers’ suspicion of Angela Merkel, a humanitarian if ever there was one, is paranoid and totally unfounded.

Germany’s reformation and regeneration after the Second World War should be a heartwarming affirmation of positivity in a cynical world. We are a great nation but in a continent of great nations we are not “exceptional”.

Your correspondent also reminds us why we have Parliament. I wouldn’t want to be governed by people like me. Since Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the word “democracy” has appeared, as Wordsworth might have said, “apparelled in celestial light”. However, democracy has its risks, as the present constitutional crisis is proving.

From: Gerald Hodgson, Leyburn.

I READ with incredulity the statement by Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, that the UK should “recast its role on the global stage” and “establish military bases round the world” (The Yorkshire Post, December 31).

What absurd delusions of grandeur does this man have? What would be the possible purpose of this extravagance other than to alienate nations round the world who would see it as the UK attempting, however pathetically, to become a colonial power again.

After the Second World War when we still had an empire, we practically bankrupted ourselves trying to maintain it. In the meantime, we let Germany overtake us industrially, a mistake from which we have never fully recovered.

If Brexit happens, things are going to be tough enough anyway without the nonsense of Mr Williamson’s dreams. Our Government should face the reality of the problems at home like finance for the NHS, education, local authorities and transport infrastructure in the North of England.

From: Aled Jones, Southcliffe Road, Bridlington.

WE British need to start speaking out or watch our identity and culture disappear. When immigration to our country began in the 1950s, there was a consensus that every newcomer should adopt our language and customs and become one of us. Wonderful.

Now, however, people come to live in our country demanding we adopt their ways and traditions, and be just like the country they have come from. Dreadful.