YP Letters: Canal towpaths were not built for speeding cyclists

What should be the etiquette for cycling along canal towpaths?
What should be the etiquette for cycling along canal towpaths?
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From: Brian Turner, Cemetery Lane, Carlton, Wakefield.

I REFER to Canon Michael Storey’s letter regarding cyclists on canal towpaths (The Yorkshire Post, June 23). Towpaths are a wonderful facility enjoyed by many – walkers, joggers, strollers, cyclists and often by people simply finding a nice quiet spot to sit and relax.

Most rub along nicely, however cyclists appear to have different agendas.

Cyclists bumbling along, cyclists on mountain bikes, cyclists on road race bikes. On the canal at Woodlesford, we have cyclists who commute into Leeds at pace. The common denominator is speed and towpaths were built for the opposite of speed. I believe barges went at one mile an hour.

Nobody really enjoys any form of restriction. However, I personally believe the towpath experience would benefit greatly by a speed limit that provides a level of safety for all.

Tribute to beat officer

From: Paul Hand-Davis, Wentworth Mews, Penistone.

CAN I thank The Yorkshire Post for a fine tribute to PC 346 Joseph Barker Wilson QPM of the Bradford City Police (The Yorkshire Post, June 23).

All of us who served in the City Force held Joe in high regard. He was a true street cop who lived and served in the city he loved.

Joe had a no-nonsense approach to policing in an era when the city streets were indeed safe to walk at any time day or night. He was from a long line of Wilson men who served in the city and Joe wished only to continue as a beat policeman, which he did for 41 years.

It was entirely fitting that he received the Queen’s Police Medal and rare for the award to be given at that rank.

God bless Joe.

Lack of respect

From: David Whitaker, Menston.

I HASTEN to concur completely with Karl Sheridan’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, June 20) decrying the dearth of respect and good manners.

Not only are online retailers and so-called financial advisers in the habit of adopting Christian name terms with people they have never met, but the nursing profession is also guilty in this regard.

When one becomes of senior status particularly, surely there should be an overture of ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr’ until permission has been given to be more familiar? One nurse called me “my lovely” for Pete’s sake!

No rules on knife sales

From: Maureen Keeton, Sheffield.

AT a car boot sale recently I saw a stall selling vicious-looking knives.I do not suppose the vendor worried too much about who was buying them.

Most were obviously not for domestic use. If hunting-type knives are sold, they should be in a licensed shop, and identities noted, as with guns.

Convoluted sentencing

From: CJ Ball, Brighouse.

YOU report (The Yorkshire Post, June 23) on the case of a man convicted of a serious drunken assault on another man in his own home. Three judges, no doubt at considerable cost to the taxpayer, have decided that his sentence is too lenient and that it should be doubled.

Given that prisoners are routinely released “for good behaviour” after serving half of their sentence, he will now be released having served the full term of his original sentence. What is the supposed purpose of this convoluted procedure, or am I missing something?

Encouraging more littering

From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

SEVERAL weeks ago I contacted Leeds City Council to ask 
why a certain well-used 
double litter bin in my area 
had been removed.

I was told that someone would telephone me with the explanation. No call has been received.

Another, similar bin has now disappeared. Has Leeds City Council a policy of taking the bins away so that the council does not have to empty them?

This is just another encouragement to the public to dump their rubbish in any public or private space they choose.

Heathrow bad for Britain

From: Paul McGuinness, Chair, No 3rd Runway Coalition.

HEATHROW expansion will be bad for London and bad for Britain (Baroness Sugg, The Yorkshire Post, June25).

Bad for London, because of all the extra pollution and noise, and the large call on the public purse to upgrade already congested rails and roads. And bad for Britain because it’s yet another South East-centric scheme that will suck activity from the regions and further entrench the geographical economic divide in our country.

Absent friends

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

IT has been noticeable that there have been a dearth of swallows and swifts. Could it be that the weather earlier in the year has had a detrimental effect on the numbers arriving here?

Foot fault

From: Jayne Grayson, Sheffield.

HEY kids, keep your feet off the bus seats. Others have to use those seats. Let’s try to think of other bus users.