YP Letters: Change of menu after referendum vote is food for thought

Theresa May is facing a Tory revolt over Brexit.
Theresa May is facing a Tory revolt over Brexit.
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From: Tony Binns, Norton Le Clay, York.

THIS is the text of a letter that I have sent my local MP, Julian Sturdy, and Theresa May, the Prime Minister.

“Imagine this situation. A much heralded new dish at a local restaurant had received much publicity over a long period of time and pretty positive reports. I invited a few friends to join us so we could all sample this new dish. As expected, the waiter brought the menu and we all decided to order the much anticipated new dish ‘Brexit’. There was a long wait but eventually the dish arrived.

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We all looked at it and then at each other, we were amazed but very disappointed, it looked like ‘Brino’ and it had a smell like ‘Brino’.

I challenged the waiter and after some fumbling for words he had to admit the head chef and the sous chef had got together secretly and had changed the dish and we now had to accept there was no ‘Brexit’ on the menu but really ‘Brino’ was the same as ‘Brexit’.

We decided this “‘Brino’ was not for us and told the waiter we had noticed that ‘Canada +’ was also on the menu and that we would have that instead of ‘Brino’.

As the waiter took away the ‘Brino’ plates, I said to him that if ‘Canada +’ was not available then we would leave and not expect to pay anything on ‘WTO’ terms.

Sorry but that sums up where we are.

As a member of the Conservative Party, how on earth can I be expected to promote this restaurant at the next General Election. Confidence and 
trust will have completely disappeared and the Conservative vote with it.

You have now taken personal responsibility for the negotiations, you must change tack and deliver what the electorate voted for in the referendum and in the last manifesto, to say nothing of the Lancaster House and Mansion House speeches.

‘Brino’ is no answer and for sure the Chequers Agreement and subsequent White Paper is ‘Brino’.”

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Bradford.

THE multi-millionaire businessman Julian Dunkerton is reported as giving £1m to support the campaign for a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Mr Dunkerton, a passionate “remainer” , believes “there is a genuine chance to turn this round”. The tectonic plates of public opinion are shifting – and in favour of “remain”. Democracy means that the people must be allowed a second vote.