YP Letters: Claims fracking is safe go against the evidence

Has it been proven that fracking is safe?
Has it been proven that fracking is safe?
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From: John Blackburn, Retired Senior Lecturer, Lindrick Road, Woodsetts.

WHO is advising Theresa May (The Yorkshire Post, February 24) that fracking is safe?

Over 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers are have now been published which have investigated the health of communities close to fracking operations around the world.

In all cases, there is an increase in morbidity – birth defects, respiratory diseases and cancer in the local communities with a significant reduction in life expectancy. What aspect of fracking is safe?

The companies involved know this too, but we should expect our senior politicians to investigate these matters before coming out with such crass nonsense.

Mrs May is forever telling us that the security and safety of the British people is her top priority, but on fracking she is either ignoring the scientific and medical facts or blinded by the prospect of massive profits for the companies involved.

From: Jarvis Browning, Fadmoor, York.

IF Theresa May really wants 
to go ahead with fracking, 
why not move it all down 
to the Gloustershire, 
Oxfordshire and Berkshire area, as there is a lot more shale 
in that belt than there is