YP Letters: Concern over future of cherry trees in Brighouse park

From: Nick Yates, Brighouse.

Wellholme Park on a crisp winter morning.

A NUMBER of people are concerned that some trees in Wellholme Park, Brighouse, have been marked with large yellow crosses.

I have checked and the specimens concerned are five flowering cherries which are part of an avenue of cherries alongside the footpath entry near Tesco’s supermarket.

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The marked trees are the more mature ones and are perfectly healthy and well-shaped. If, as I fear, the markings denote that these five specimens are to be felled then I can see no good reason why.

I am a member of Friends of Wellholme Park and can confirm that our group has neither been consulted nor informed.

Trees are important; they provide for wildlife and are a unique part of the natural cycle, absorbing and storing carbon, cleaning the air, producing oxygen and many scientists would say reducing global warming.

In this particular case, they provide pleasure to both Brighouse residents and visitors with gorgeous pink blossom in spring and welcome shade in the summer. Statistically Calderdale is below average for the number of trees per acre in both England and Europe and we need to preserve those we have, particularly those that are more mature.