YP Letters: Correct way to fly flag for Tour de Yorkshire

From: Patrick Ruecroft, Bedern Bank, Ripon.

The Tour de Yorkshrie begins on May 3.

THE Tour de Yorkshire is due to take place from May 3-6, no doubt with much flag-waving, but how many of those Union Flags will be flying the correct way? In your supplement (The Yorkshire Post, April 7), the front page shows two large Union Flags both incorrect, although one in the background is correct.

When the flag is fastened to a flagpole or carrying pole, the broad white band should be at the top, not the narrower band.

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From: Catherine Watson, Hatfield, Doncaster.

WE are delighted that The Tour de Yorkshire is coming through Hatfield on the first day of the major event. We are also delighted that Doncaster Council has said that they will mend the appalling surface of the road and fill in the potholes on the route through Hatfield that the Tour will take, so that no-one will wobble on any part of it and fall off their bikes and hurt themselves. Our other local roads are as full of potholes and rotten surfaces as so many across the country, but we must be very grateful that we shall have one through the middle of the village that we can all drive on without fear of punctured tyres and bicycle accidents.

We look forward to the work starting.