YP Letters: The costly travels of the EU circus between Brussels and Strasbourg

From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

Flags outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

AMONG the many sensible reasons for leaving the sinking EU, one ridiculous waste of money seems to be overlooked.

Once a month for just four days, the whole circus moves from Brussels to Strasbourg. Costs for this move amount to over £130m a year which in the seven-year cycle of an EU budget is just over £900m.

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Why does this monthly move take place? Because before the formation of the EU, preliminary trade meetings were held in Strasbourg and once the EU got going the French refused to relinquish everything to Brussels. So because of French stubbornness, a ridiculous amount of money is wasted every year just to keep them happy and we can’t change it as it is apparently set in stone in some treaty or other.

Now I must say I have some admiration for the French as they seem to ignore any legislation from the EU which they don’t agree with, unlike successive UK governments who fall over backwards to implement everything no matter how costly or detrimental to this country.

Surely this is another good reason to leave this profligate organisation?

From: Peter Bye, Park Crescent, Addingham.

NOBODY has mentioned what the attitude of the EU will be towards the UK if the vote is for us to ‘Remain’.

It will inevitably mean our “special status”, such as it is, will be eroded.

This will lead to us becoming 100 per cent European and as a consequence part of a European super state. The pound will disappear in the next few years and the euro will become our currency.

As the great trades union leader Vic Feather once said: “When you’ve got them by the b*lls their hearts and minds will follow.”

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

BEING in receipt of a Ukip local election leaflet, it brought back memories of voting Ukip in the last European Elections. Traditionally I have supported one particular party for many years, but in that EU election I switched to Ukip to add momentum to the “out” campaign.

It occurs to me now that voting Ukip in the May local elections offers committed Brexit supporters, like myself, a second opportunity to launch a springboard for the biggest election of all, namely the June referendum.

I appeal to those who who want to get out of Europe to support your localUkip candidate to give an early indication of how you will vote in the EU referendum.

Regardless of whether you normally vote for a left or a right wing political party, put your marker down in advance to get out of Europe. It is time to kick Cameron, Corbyn, Fallon, Lucas and Sturgeon in the shins.

Amazing hyperbole

From: Hugh Rogers, Ashby.

YOUR correspondent CJ Moore (The Yorkshire Post, April 5) has, I fear, failed to mention one of the most used – and abused – words in the English language.

It is used indiscriminately by everyone under the age of 25 to describe every human experience from birth to death. That word is “amazing”. Why does everything have to be “amazing”? Are there no other words in the English language to describe the way you feel?

From: Tony Sheridan, Tickhill.

CJ Moore’s letter drawing attention to the over use of hyperbole in some parts of the media reminds me of my days as an industrial research manager when I ran a short report writing course for new recruits.

Within this, I asked them to compare two sentences “I am hungry, I have had no food for three days” and “I am really starving, I have had nothing to eat for absolutely ages and ages”.

The first is precise and has impact. In the second, each word is more extreme but the whole suggests that the poor dear is late for lunch. The reader’s mind rapidly calibrates out the author’s use of language. Please keep your blue pencil sharp.

Mallard’s siblings

From: Mr G Marsden, Buxton Avenue, Heanor, Derby.

DID the people who advocated a duck with the statue of Sir Nigel Gresley (The Yorkshire Post, April 6) not understand that the Mallard represented a class of 35 A4s so a duck would be completely out of place?

Can a duck represent a Kingfisher, Bittern or a Woodcock,a Falcon and Gannet or even the Dominion of Canada as well as a Silver Fox, not omitting Union of South Africa?

Sir Ralph Wedgwood, Dwight D Eisenhower. and Walter K Whigham may all be offended to be called a duck unless of course they came from South Yorkshire!

Taxing times

From: Susan Dennis, Ripon

HAS Mr Corbyn asked Tony and Cherie Blair where their millions have been invested?

From: Hilary Andrews, Leeds.

OUR Prime Minister says he has no income from abroad either now or in the future. How I wish folks would stop harassing him. He has had more stick than any other PM in history.