YP Letters: Cyclists should have to follow a code of practice

From: Stephanie Shield, Sinnington, York.

How can cycling become safer for all?
How can cycling become safer for all?

I REPLY to Canon Michael Storey’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, February 23) regarding bicycles not having bells.

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Like Michael Storey, I too enjoy walking, not along the Rochdale Canal, but on footpaths, bridleways and tracks in the North York Moors National Park and Forestry Commission tracks and roads. I agree with the writer’s comments and would like to see all bicycles fitted with bells. Unfortunately some off-road cyclists think that they have more priority than walkers on bridleways. Regrettably, too, many off-road cyclists do not know the difference between a bridleway and a footpath. Also some think that the right to roam allows them to access any open land and even pasture. The right to roam applies to walkers.

A car driver or motorcyclist has to abide by laws to be allowed to drive that vehicle. Perhaps it is time that a code of practice applied to all cyclists – whether in urban or rural areas. Maybe cycle manufacturers and cycle retailers should issue a code of practice when selling a bicycle so that cycle owners are fully aware where they can ride. Walkers, cyclists and horse riders could then all enjoy our rural paths and bridleways.