YP Letters: Democracy undermined by Brexit pantomime

Pro-EU and pro-Brexit protesters outside Parliament.
Pro-EU and pro-Brexit protesters outside Parliament.
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From: Mr L Brook, Rosewood Court, Rothwell.

CITIZENS were given a referendum to decide whether we leave or stay as a United States of Europe.

The consequences of either staying or leaving could not be known by anyone, only speculation or opinion.

The democratic vote was to leave. So far so good. However those in Government did not disclose that many of them would only accept a Remain outcome.

To further complicate the total deception, some of the Opposition parties were only concerned to use the occasion to force a General Election by preventing anything being done.

So, the rest of the world sees us as a pantomime as our idiotic discussions continue.

The saddest part is that we have shown that individual 
votes are overthrown by the wishes of those in power, and this – in my dictionary – is a dictatorship.

From: J Morton, Pontefract.

IF, God forbid, we are irrevocably sold into the corrupt, greedy European superstate, what is to stop them nationalising Britain’s private home ownership and charging those affected rent to live in their former homes?

What is to stop them dramatically increasing social housing rents? What is to stop them scrapping the welfare benefits system?

What is to stop them offering people who are displaced and starving on the streets because of their policies, a guaranteed unpaid job with free healthcare and free board and lodging in one of their European work factories?

Watch, what is to stop them?

From: ME Wright, Harrogate.

A TIMELY reminder from Brian Sheridan regarding Winston Churchill’s 1946 pro-United States of Europe speech (The Yorkshire Post, January 30).

I think we’ll find that Brexiteers will use the “kind of” in his speech to indicate “that lot across the Channel – not us, we’re different”.

From: Mr JC Penn, Holcroft Garth, Hedon, Hull.

I WANT to repeat some very wise words. Patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel. Tribalism is evil and should be dismissed completely. I also have to repeat the words of Bob Dylan. Money doesn’t talk, it swears!

Let trusts rule on smoking

From: Simon Clark, Director, Forest.

INTRODUCING a law to ban smoking on hospital grounds would be an abuse of Parliamentary time (Tracy Brabin, The Yorkshire Post, January 29).

The overwhelming majority of NHS trusts already have smoke-free policies that include on-site smoking bans.

Individual trusts, not high-minded politicians in Westminster, should be allowed to decide their policy on smoking and the extent to which they enforce a ban, partial or otherwise.Threatening to prosecute people for smoking on hospital grounds is not only disproportionate to the offence, it would discriminate against the elderly and the infirm who may find it difficult if not impossible to go off site.

For some people smoking is a comfort at a difficult time. Patients especially have a right to expect some empathy and compassion. A Bill that bans smoking on NHS sites is no way to treat people who may be at their lowest ebb.

From: Mike Hammond, Harrogate.

I FULLY agree with Tracy Brabin (The Yorkshire Post, January 29). I’m amazed that any hospital condones and allows smoking on its premises – or that it allows anyone who is ill enough to be in hospital to actually smoke at all – when the hospital is supposed to be getting them back to the best health they can be.

While she is putting her case forward, can I suggest she reminds all smokers that they are not exempt from our litter legislation? I am digusted that some places I walk or visit are just littered with cigarette ends. Who is it that ignores and allows this breach of UK legislation?

Naive over retail parks

From: N McAndrews, Wetherby.

COMMUNITIES need to stop councils granting open A1 planning consents for retail parks. In the past planning authorities were much stricter on consents, largely confining them to bulky goods which would not affect the high street, but since 2008 the flood gates have opened, with councils seeing new developments as a means to increased business rates income.

Open A1 consents prevail now with free parking – no wonder the traditional high street is in rapid decline. £5 for two hours in town or free for as long as you like out of town?

Why did they not put a levy on out of town parking? How did they not see that the likes of Next, Boots, M&S, TK Maxx etc would target these parks for their expansion whilst closing down on the high street?

Naïve, shortsighted, panic, ill-advised – all words to describe our council officials who have very little foresight.

Inconsistent objectives

From: JG Riseley, Harrogate.

WE are urged to adopt a low meat diet to save the planet and to cater for a projected global population of 10 or 11 billion people. These strike me as being rather inconsistent objectives. Concern for the planet is hardly a sentiment which inclines one towards facilitating such growth in the human population.

Push-button zombies

From: Mr A Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Harehills, Leeds.

WE are becoming a nation of push-button zombies. What use are school lessons when any answer is at the touch of a button? The greatest part of life is learning as we go. If robots 
take our jobs, what use are we any more?