YP Letters: Disastrous nuclear deal puts UK energy security at risk

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a speech to workers in the Charge Hall at Hinkley Point B in Somerset.

I FERVENTLY pray that EDF do, indeed, pull the plug on the proposed new build nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point. Although the Government is all for it, surely common sense would dictate that it just doesn’t make sense for our country to invest billions on a design that is already outdated and, according to figures, will be highly expensive to run?

We, as a nation, should be investing in this country, not allowing other countries to fleece us, as is already happening. EDF is already proving to be a lame duck in the energy market place and to form a partnership with them would be disastrous in the long term. Why couldn’t the money being wasted on HS2 be used instead? Far better for us to have a secure UK-owned energy supply than knocking half an hour off a train journey, surely?

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From: David Dunk, Nafferton.

IF, as some have suggested, Boris Johnson is using the referendum debate to promote himself as the next Prime Minister, could it be that David Cameron is using it to promote himself as the next President of the European Council to replace Donald Tusk whose term of office expires in May 2017? After all, if he wins the referendum, Cameron will be a hero of the EU!

From: JG Riseley, Harrogate.

BARACK Obama, his Secretary of State John Kerry and now the head of the US Army in Europe, Lt Gen Ben Hodges, have thrown their weight behind Britain staying in the EU. They could have a decisive influence upon our referendum, but probably not by simply telling us what to do.

They could instead open the doors of the USA to the unemployed workers of Eastern and Southern Europe and Turkey, and those fleeing the war zones of the Middle East and South Asia. For the floating populations from these regions to have a preferred destination would help lift the threat of the UK population rising to and beyond 70 million.

From: Harry Santiuste, Edenthorpe, Doncaster.

IF the crimes committed 
by the kind of East European gangs, featured on TV’s Happy Valley are based on real events, then surely the entire Calderdale Constabulary will be voting for Brexit this year?

From: Sam Bass, Leyburn.

HOW can you trust George Osborne when he won’t even get the EU to provide audited accounts?