YP Letters: Don’t allow school run traffic into bus lanes

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

Should rules on bus lanes be rescinded?

FOLLOWING the recent report that busy parents should be allowed in bus lanes, I suggest the thought is bordering on the ridiculous and subject to potential widespread abuse by many motorists, especially as there will be little, or no, policing due to staff availability and financial resources.

If parents have to do the school run then they should prepare earlier i.e. prepare what needs to go with their child or children and put items in the car ahead of the journey (ideally the night before), go to bed earlier, then rise earlier to ensure the school run does not create self-induced stress or delays.

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After all, they are no different to many other people who have busy lives throughout the whole day, not just for a minimal period in the morning and afternoon.

If parents cannot organise themselves and their children, knowing full well that they have daily responsibilities regarding school runs, then why should they have special privileges as a result of their own failings?

If sleep-deprived children suffer then perhaps that is down to the parent or maybe the overuse of games machines and the like instead of sleeping.